About Us

The company

Aboombera Corp, the parent company of Macadamia Twist, sources its macadamia nuts directly from the very region of Australia where the macadamia tree originated and was discovered more than 200 years ago. New South Wales and Queensland continue to produce the world’s best macadamia nuts to this day.

This indigenous crop is directly linked to Aboriginal Australian family businesses & communities across the continent.

A portion of proceeds from Macadamia Twist sales goes to support indiginous communities in Australia.

The Mission

Aboombera Corp’s Macadamia Twist brand is dedicated to bringing you a piece of rich, native, indigenous Australia.

The homeland of the Macadamia

We’re proud to source our product from farms located in the macadamia’s indigenous environment. This intentional choice allows us to procure the most authentic product possible while supporting a responsible, sustainable, efficient farming process.

Sustainable farming

The husk and shells of the nut are used as fuel for roasting, eliminating the need for timber. After that, they’re used again to fertilize the soil under the macadamia trees.